Sketch Cards

The majority of my sketch card collection is available for sale. Some are only as part of larger sets, and some are individual (below).

All images can be viewed in my gallery on the Sketch Collectors site.

Even though I'm no longer actively collecting there are some sketches that I won't be selling. These have no price or offer suggestions.

More sketch card images available on my Facebook page.

Individual Sketches

Chicagoland Expo Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation

L-R: Michael Reisner, Unknown Artist, Michael Kasinger, Danielle Gransaull (Soloud) - $10ea

Marvel Bronze Age

L-R: Phoenix by Jason Davies, Daredevil by Alex Magno, Snowbird by Rhiannon Owens, Wolverine by Jim Kyle, Snowbird by Lynne Anderson, Snowbird by Scott Rorie

Marvel Dangerous Divas

L-R: Spitfire by Rhiannon Owens, Firestar by Adam Cleveland, Magma by Marlo Lodrigueza, Unknown Character by Darryl Banks, Firestar by Allen Michael Geneta, Lyra by Rhiannon Owens

Marvel Greatest Heroes

L-R: Firebird by Scott Rorie, Firestar by Charles Hall, Mockingbird by Matias Strebb, Firestar by Arie Monroe

Marvel Heroes & Villains

L-R: Spiderman & Venom by Meghan Hetrick, Hela & Mirage by Rhiannon Owens, Phoenix & Lyra by Chris Gutierrez, Snowbird & Diamond Lil by Marcelo Ferreira

PSC's (more to come)

Firestar by Veronica O'Connell - $150

Women of Marvel Series 2

L-R: Firestar by Anthony Tan, Firestar by Rainier Lagunsad (x2), Dagger & Firestar by Mauricio Dias (2-card panel), Firestar & Medusa by Mark Marvida (2-card panel)

X-Men Archives

Phoenix by Ken Landgraf