Sketch Cards

The majority of my sketch card collection is available for sale. All have been listed on eBay. Many sold and removed already.

All images can be viewed in my gallery on the Sketch Collectors site.

Even though I'm no longer actively collecting there are some sketches that I won't be selling. They are marked NFS.

List below has been updated (July 23, 2022) to remove all sold cards and update links.

Individual Sketches

Chicagoland Expo Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation

L-R: Michael Reisner, Unknown Artist, Michael Kasinger, Danielle Gransaull (Soloud) - $10ea

Marvel 70th Anniversary

L-R: Snowbird by Daniel Campos, Jewel by Kristin Allen, Snowbird by Kristin Allen

Marvel Dangerous Divas

L-R: Firestar by Elliot Fernandez, Snowbird by Lui Antonio, Firestar by Adam Cleveland, Lyra by Rhiannon Owens


Selene (Underworld) by Geri Centonze - $10

Firestar by Veronica O'Connell

L-R: Songbird, Firestar, Snowbird by Bianca Thompson - $25ea

Masters of the Universe

Teela by Bianca Thompson